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As a successful brand, you produce or purchase hundreds of media files with your marketing department, advertising agency, social media manager, influencers, and freelancers. It’s all pretty tough to keep track of, isn’t it?

With Stockito, you can organize all of your brand photos, stock images, illustrations, videos, and audio files in one Media Asset Management tool. Never forget another expiry date and cut down on costs by reusing your media files in future projects.

Check out the many features your brand can benefit from:

Grant access to your employees, partners & marketing agencies and manage their individual upload or read-only privileges.
Share selected files in high-resolution with your partners, either via email or direct link from the database.
Manage all of your teams and their privileges, including inviting other users to your media database.
Never lose track of a license expiry date again. With our License Manager and License Calender, your are fully in control.
Always know your numbers! Who are your brand‘s most important media suppliers and what are their purchased licensing models?
Managing more than one brand? Switch easily between your different brands and media pools without logging out.
Search for and quickly find your files using keywords, job numbers, and our advanced search filters.
Tight photo budget? Save money by reusing your brand’s licensed media!
Easily upload, edit, tag, and publish all of your media files in your internal media database.
Simple Stockito pricing: pay only for the storage you need, not for extra users or features.

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